A Very Enjoyable Meeting!

Another amazing meeting on Thursday 16th June.

We had so many guests and two new members to welcome – Abdul Ali and Anum Mian!

We had a very unusual style of speech from our long-standing member Martin – this was a lesson for us all in how to manage a speech in the face of interruptions! He sailed through the interruptions and gave us valuable insight on how to be a School Governor!

We had a delightful speech from Angela – a lesson for us all that using props adds so much value to any speech. It just perked the audience up, especially when she precariously climbed up on a wobbly chair!

The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming to the new members and guests – hope you all agree! Comments welcome.

We finished off as always with some refreshments.

See you all at our next meeting on Zoom on Thurs 7th July..

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