Meeting Role Requirements

Meeting roles add value to your learning experience and help you improve your communication and leadership skills. For each path you pursue, you are required to serve in the following three roles at least once before you can advance to Level 4:

  • Table Topicsmaster
  • Toastmaster
  • Evaluator

You may choose to fulfill a role at each level or complete multiple roles within a level. You determine when you serve in these roles. Remember, you fulfill the requirement of evaluator in the “Evaluation and Feedback” project at Level 1. Some paths require you to serve in other meeting roles, such as Topicsmaster in the “Active Listening” project. Serving in a role as part of a project assignment counts toward the requirement described above.

Keep track of your meeting role fulfillments on Base Camp to make it easy for your vice president education to approve that you completed Level 3. Other members can also view your profile to see which roles you completed.

You can record only one date per meeting role on your Base Camp profile. Make sure to update all your meeting roles each time you serve.

To record the day you fulfilled a role:

1 Hover over the gear icon at the top right of your screen, then select My Account.

2 Find the box for the meeting role in which you served.

3 Select “Select a date” or the calendar icon.


4 Select the date you served in that meeting role. If you served in the role in a previous month, use the double arrows at the top of the box to find that month.

5 When you’ve finished adding your meeting role date(s), select Save at the bottom right of the page.

6 Your Base Camp profile will now show the updates you made to your meeting roles.