My evaluator completed my evaluation resource on paper. How can I save it on Base Camp?

If your evaluator completed a printed evaluation resource, you can still save the document on Base Camp.

Option 1: Scan or take a picture of the evaluation form and save it to your device.

Option 2: Download the fillable evaluation resource from the Tutorials and Resources page. Type the feedback from your evaluator into the comments boxes and record the ratings she provided by selecting the appropriate score. Save the completed document to your device.

Once you have saved a scan, photo or PDF of your evaluation, upload it to Base Camp and save it in the folders on the My Documents page, using the steps outlined above.

How can I save a completed evaluation resource or resource document on Base Camp?

Completed digital resources can be saved on Base Camp by taking the following steps:

  1. Save the completed document to your device.
  2. Select the E-portfolio tab in your Base Camp Profile.
  3. Select Documents.
  4. Select the folder in which you would like to store your document. The My Documents page includes six folders, one for each level of your path and one for any other documents or other materials you would like to store on Base Camp.
  5. Once you select your preferred folder, select Add File in the upper right corner
  6. In the box that appears, select the Select a file button, locate the document you wish to upload and select Add.
  7. The document is now saved in the folder where you can access it at any time

I completed a fillable evaluation resource or resource document that I would like to share with another member of my club. Is there a best practice for sending resources?

Yes. Make sure to save completed resources to your device. Changes you make in the document will not be automatically stored on Base Camp. Once you have saved a resource to your device, send it to other members of your club as an email attachment. If you are sending the document to a member of your home club, you can find their email address on their Base Camp Profile. Type the member’s name in the search box in the upper right corner. You can search using a member’s first name or last name, and only need to type three letters for a list of suggested names to show. Select the name of the member when it appears.

Selecting the member’s name will open their Base Camp Profile page. The member’s email address will show near the top of this page.

I want to use the fillable evaluation resource during my club meeting, but our meeting location does not have internet access. Is there a way I can access this resource during my club meeting?

Prior to your club meeting, download the resource from the Tutorials and Resources page on Base Camp. Launch the evaluation resource from Tutorials and Resources using the steps outlined in the question above. Next, save the resource to your device. You can now open and type in this document without internet access. Be sure to save your changes so you can later email the document to the speaker when you are able to connect to the internet.

I opened an evaluation resource or resource document from inside my project and I am not able to add text to the boxes. How can I complete this resource?

There are projects that include resources that are not fillable. For a full alphabetical list of fillable evaluation resources and resource documents, go to the Tutorials and Resources page.

Under Subject on the left of the page, select the resource you need, then select your preferred language. (Resource documents and evaluation resources are available in several languages.) All fillable documents in the language you select will open to the right.

Select the title of the resource you would like to complete, then select Launch. The PDF will open and the resource will be added to your Education Transcript. To ensure your text is saved, save the PDF to your device.








I opened a resource document or evaluation resource from the Tutorials and Resources page and noticed that I can type in the text boxes. How do I use these?

The evaluation resources and many of the resource documents on the Tutorials and Resources page are fillable PDFs. This means you can complete the resource digitally, without printing it. When you select one of the boxes, a cursor appears. This allows you to type in that box.




When you finish adding text to a box, you can move to another box to add text. To ensure your changes remain in the document, you must save the PDF to your device. As a best practice, save your changes when you complete each section.