My project doesn’t open after I launch it. What do I do?

Your project may be open, but minimized or hidden behind another window. Check to see if there are any other browser windows open on the task bar, or minimize the window you currently see on your screen. Your pop-up blocker may be turned on. It must be turned off to view the projects, which open in a new window. To check that your pop-up blocker is off, check your browser settings.

I can’t see all the buttons on my screen. What do I do?

Your internet browser window may not be maximized. To see all text and images, click the maximize button at the top right of the browser window. This button most often contains a square symbol and is positioned next to buttons that minimize and close the window

Your internet browser window may be zoomed in, which can cut off some of the text and buttons. To resolve this issue, adjust the zoom of the window by changing the browser settings.

Am I required to use the Assess Your Skills tool at the beginning and end of my project?

Yes. This tool not only shows you the progress you’ve made to improve your skills, but it also helps you prepare for your final speech in the “Reflect on Your Path” project. Make sure you complete both Assess Your Skills sections—the first one before you begin and the second after you complete the project. This way, you have an accurate reflection of how you may have improved over time.

When you complete Assess Your Skills, be sure to rate yourself on every statement. Once you’ve done so, a Submit button will appear below the Back and Next buttons. You must select this button to ensure your responses are saved.


I want to reference content from a completed project. Is it possible for me to view two projects at once?

You can open only one project at a time. If you would like to review content from a previous project while working in your current project, please use the self-print PDF version of the completed project.

To access the self-print PDF version of a project, follow these steps:

  1. Starting at the Level Overview page, launch the project that you would like to review.
  2. Once the project has opened, navigate to the Your Evaluation page using the dropdown section menu.
  3. Select the “Print My Project” text from the list of resources on the right.

    Please note: The PDF may open in a new browser tab or window depending on your browser and settings. You may want to save the PDF directly to your computer or other operating device for easy access in the future.