At each meeting the grammarian listens to every speaker during the meeting and notes overused words, crutch phrases, filler sounds.

The Ah CounterMost of us will often use a phrase repeatedly when speaking that we’re unaware of such as (you know”, “like”, “actually” as well as also counting the “ums” and “ahs”. It can be really useful to discover a word or phrase that you repeat often and were unaware of as you then have a chance to try to eliminate that word/phrase or at least substantially reduce how often it’s used.

Here is a link to a post on the TI website on how this role can help speakers and a link to a post on the Grammarly site with some good tips.

To make the role easier it is well worth using the Toastmasters International mobile app:

Here are videos from previous HOD meetings showing members delivering the “Ah Counter” report.