Timekeeper Role

timekeeper roleThe role of timekeeper/Timer is integral to the success of the meetings.

Taking on this role improves time management skills.

One of the skills Toastmasters practice is expressing a thought within a specific time. The timer is responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker. As Timer, you:

  • Acquire the timing/signaling equipment from the sergeant at arms and know how to operate it.
  • Explain the timing rules and demonstrate the signal device if called upon to do so.
  • Throughout the meeting, listen carefully to each participant and signal them accordingly.
  • When called to report, announce the speakers’ names, the time taken, plus a few words about each speaker/speech to assist members in deciding who to vote for (best speaker, best evaluator etc).
  • After the meeting, return the timing/signalling equipment to the sergeant at arms.
  • To make the role easier it is well worth using the Toastmasters International mobile app: