Competent Communication Manual

competent communicationThe Competent Communication Manual consists of ten projects each strengthening different areas.

  1. Ice Breaker – Begin speaking before an audience and discover the communication skills you already possess.
  2. Organise Your Speech – How to structure your speech so that is easily understood by your audience.

  3. Get To The Point
    – Know the purpose of your speech and what you would like the audience to do after it is finished.

  4. How To Say It
    – Words have power so use them effectively to clearly and concisely convey your message.

  5. Your Body Speaks
    – Are your facial expressions, hand movements and eye contact congruent with the words in your speech?

  6. Vocal Variety – Listening to a speaker that doesn’t vary their tone, pace or volume can be tedious, ensure these effectively to enhance your message.
  7. Research Your Topic – By including anecdotes, stories and statistics you can bring your speech alive and make it more credible.

  8. Get Comfortable With Visual Aids
    – When used correctly visual aids enable an audience to understand complex ideas and retain the message you’re conveying.

  9. Persuade With Power
    – The ability to persuade others is a powerful skill. By using logic, emotion and adding a good structure to your speech you are more likely to engage and take action.

  10. Inspire Your Audience
    – Challenge your audience to make changes, make them enthused and inspire them personally, professionally and emotionally.