Area 56 Contest – What an outstanding and unforgettable evening!

From Nadine Wagner, Area 56 Director

The Area 56 Contest was held on Thursday 9 March in the church of Saint Botolph Without Aldgate. A spectacular venue for an exceptional contest, where we saw each of our 5 Area 56 clubs, compete in the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest. Well done to all speech contestants for the great, inspiring and insightful speeches, as well as to the evaluation contestants for the outstanding evaluations! In the end all 5 clubs were represented on the podium, what a great achievement!

Evaluation Contest: 1st place Chris Lynam (Deutsche Bank London Toastmasters), 2nd place Matthew Robinson (Data Science Speakers), 3rd place David McDonnell (BlackRock Speaks)

Area L56 Evaluation 2017

International Speech Contest: 1st place Gunita Bhasin (Deutsche Bank London Toastmasters), 2nd place Jane Harries (WiBF Speakers-City), 3rd place Sarah Mannan (Barings Speaking Club)

Area L56 Speech 2017-1

We will send 2 contestants in each contest to the Division L contest on 8 April, sign-up here and join us for an entertaining Saturday afternoon:

A big thank you goes to all helpers, timers, counters, sergeants at arms, test speaker, judges, chief judge, and most importantly to Barry and Carrie who respectively chaired the evaluation and the speech contest and let us swiftly through a fun-filled evening! A special thanks also to the President of Excalibur Speakers, Lynne Cantor, who was our keynote speaker and portrayed the advantages of joining her advanced members club – as a add on to your current club (

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