Hark now hear the cricket toast!

The meeting on April 20 at HOD was a normal mix of fascinating, entertaining and slightly strange !

The whole night was organised and given an efficient flow with the debut of Jo in the TME (Toastmaster of the Evening) role, and she did a superb job and you would never have guessed she’d never done this role previously.

Nike delivered her HPL (High Performance Leadership) speech outlaying her plans for what she’ll be doing to achieve this award. This was evaluated in her normal insightful way by Gill.

Best speaker award Karl
Best speaker award Karl

Karl delivered a very humorous icebreaker speech for which he received the best speaker award of the night and was evaluated by Angela Hook.

Dennis enlightened us on the process for a loft extension for the 3rd project in the CC3 manual which was evaluated by Manish who won best evaluator award shared with Mike.

Ade gave a speech with the title “467 not out” all about the game of cricket for his CC7 project this was evaluated by Sina.

Best evaluator award Manish & Mike
Best evaluator award Manish & Mike

While Elsa did a project from an advanced manual; The Special Occasion Speeches manual which involved her delivering a roast of a work colleague and this saw Mike win best evaluator award (shared with Manish).

Sonia was the Table Topics Master and all table topics speakers were asked the same question which was if you could invite anyone alive or dead to dinner who would it be and why?

Best table topics Tony
Best table topics Tony

Tony was up first and he’d like to dine with Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Frankie Boyle and he won the award for best table topic of the night.

Charles said he’d like to have dinner with Donald Trump and Michael Schumacker who was born on the same day as him.

Kesh also wanted to dine with Donald Trump, to try to understand if he is real!

Chris Savva chose an eclectic mix of Boris Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and

Icebreaker award Karl
Icebreaker award Karl

Confucius which would be an amazing dining experience!

The final TT speaker was our guest General Evaluator from London Athenians, Gagan who said he’d also like to quiz Trump because he’s been radicalised by him!

The table topics were evaluated by Tony.

After the break the HOD interviewee was Gill who told us what she had gained from being a member of HOD.

new HOD member Kesh
new HOD member Kesh

The timekeeper was Denise, Video master was new member Kesh, Grammarian Charles and a new role was delivered for the first time; that of “Quiz Master” done by Tony, which tested the audience’s listening skills and saw the attentive one’s winning chocolates.

As mentioned previously the GE (General Evaluator) was Gagan and he delivered a thorough and encouraging report on the state of HOD.

The next meeting is Thursday April 27 at The Bridge in Harrow at 7.45pm.


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