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Posted by David Phelops:

Satya best evaluator
Satya best evaluator

I had a ball being in charge of HOD Toastmasters meeting last night… Laughs abounded throughout the evening, mixed in with some serious speech making

Five speakers: a brilliant ice-breaker, three CC manual speeches and a Nigerian children’s moral fable. (“Why Do The Sun & The Moon Live in The Sky?”)

Tabletopics challenging bilinguality (if that is a word, which I doubt), led with a mixture of verve and seeming bafflement from HOD’s prodigal, Angela Lansbury, freshly returned from her Singapore travels.

The theme of the evening, for me, was something like:
“The intent to learn is serious; the execution of the learning is much fun”

Toastmasters, at its best, is proof that how much we are the same and yet, so different…

The speeches ranged in style and content, from Chris Savva’s most definite

Chris' icebreaker
Chris’ icebreaker

not-his-first-speech Ice-breaker underpinned by the unheard, but silently-present gentle tune of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” through Denise St Cyr’s wholehearted love and admiration for her seriously body-built brother in “Len’s The Man!!!” – some serious musculature there.

Sonia Gonzalez took us somewhere completely different, seamlessly making a speech and having a conversation with the audience, getting great responses with participation and gales of laughter…. “English Sounds” was a guide to how Spanish speakers get to learn the complexities of the English vowel system, complete with dipthongs, looooong vowels – the difference between “Sheep” and “Ship” and lots more, besides.
Angela Hook talked passionately and sensitively about her voluntary work facilitating holidays with underprivileged children, with everyone listening intently to her heartfelt clear story.

Nike Ogundana’s tale of the Sun and moon, spoken in sometimes not much

Nike best speaker
Nike best speaker

more than a whisper pulled people forward in their seats to not miss the humour and lesson from the story.

Our guest grammarian Philip Carey from across the Toastmasters District border – Hertfordshire Speakers – brought a fresh eye and perspective to our multilingual verbosity… we pleased him.

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